Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mini Vacation

The week before Thanksgiving my friend Bridgette and I had planned to go to Disney World. 
Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to go.
However, we both still had the time off work. 
I ended up moving a day or two to accommodate other things, so I only had 3 days off, but still, time off work is time off work.

My first day off I treated myself to breakfast at Bob Evans then enjoyed a lazy day of Netflix. 

The next day Bridgette and I had a movie day. 
She came over and we watched a few movies and did facials and she stayed the night because we planned to go to Cincinnati the next day.

Friday, Zach took the day off work and we all three went to Cincinnati. 
We ate brunch at IHOP, shopped at a local mall, then met up with another friend for drinks.

We went to a bar that was kind of like a novelty place, it was based around arcade games and had all kinds of old school arcade games you could actually play. We found the Pac-Man game and played many, many rounds before we finished our “Hulk Hogan” drinks and left.

Around 1am we started to make the trek home. On the way home we stopped for some food and at a local outdoor shopping center and take Christmas tree pictures.

Saturday, we slept in until noon (seeing as how we only got home at 3am) and I made waffles for brunch. The rest of the day was Netflix and chill.

Sunday, my father-in-law hosted Thanksgiving at his house, and it was nice be able to relax and spend the afternoon with family to wrap up my mini vacation.

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